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Contest winners announcement coming tonight!

Deadline 6:00 PM Central time

Later today Anita will FINALLY be announcing the winners of the contests. One being a beautifully created rhinestone encrusted Tussie Mussie and the other a MYSTERY BOX, which as a home decor creator and artist, Anita had TREMENDOUS FUN putting together.

Anita postponed this twice due to many people not wanting to go through the contact page and sending their ART of Anita's face, to all sorts of media. We had to explain that those will not count and must go through the proper submission. So it was delayed. There are still a few hours left.

Remember your art can be made out of anything. As long as in some way we can see Anita's face. Don't be afraid, it can be ANYTHING. Create her face on a driveway and take a photo of it, so you see it can be anything. We are not picking out 'best top class artist, she will pick by her FEELING about the art. Anita wants to show the world that everyone has the ability.

If you do not know the rules you will have to go to her blog at this point and watch Thank you, Anita thanks you. So far the submissions have been a joy. We did not want to start a page showing the art for many reasons.

Thank you C.

Here's a few pics to go from:

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