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About Me


"The beauty of reworking, recycling, up cycling and recreating is that you are taking something that already exists and giving it new life. Something well made with great bones. You are helping the earth a little at a time and bringing new beauty to someone’s world"  Anita


"Your home is the first place you see when you wake, and the last place you see before closing your eyes. Fill it with all things loved. It should be your favorite place to be" Anita

 It is truly important that you love anything that you purchase from me and put into your home. Everything is magical. Anything can be transformed. Your home is no exception. What do you want your home to convey? Are you calm? Or are you LOUD......Is an eclectic palace that you dream about?

 I strive for excellence, to make the best product possible for my customers. I am always working to improve my skills and find new ones.

My home decor and art are one of a kind. They are invented, recreated, reinvented, salvaged, recycled and always pieces that come from what falls out of this artistic brain. I use what I find out there and give it a new life. My items are originals. Every piece will have its own look in some way. I want my customers to have something nobody else will have. To experience that feeling of knowing it's just for them, is what gets me really excited. All (or most) of my paint is homemade and all my weathering treatments are as well.

 Some of the styles you will find here in my shop: Shabby cottage, French Chic, French Nordic inspired, French Santos inspired, Religious inspired, all types of farmhouse styles. I also include romantic cottage, Urban, Industrial, Beach cottage, wedding items included.

Why do I add heart, keys and a cross to my cherubs and angels? I feel that when you purchase an item from me you will always have a key to my heart. The cross is not for religious reasons. It is a symbol to remind you to have faith in something, to cherish the things that are really important in life.


I have always been artistic, and had a knack for art and decor. As a girl, I would buy things from garage sales, yard sales, and would even garbage pick anything I thought I could customize and redesign. I was "re-purposing" and "re-inventing" furniture, decor- even clothing long before it became "chic" to do so. With such a love of art and decor, I decided there's no reason not to combine both. After all, there's no reason that a decor piece shouldn't also be a work of art. I think every item in a home should be a work of art, and reflect one's personality.


I've been married to the most amazing man for over 3 decades, who has been my biggest supporter. We have three beautiful daughters, as well as a few more "adopted" ones. We have five wonderful grandchildren, and some "adopted" ones as well.


I get inspiration everywhere, from books and TV, to colors and textures I see in nature. When I get an idea-I have to run with it. I can't sleep until I try that new idea! The more difficult it is- the more I want to try it. I have a constant need to try to change things and make them better.  My days are hectic, to say the least. I'm often going for 24 hours straight, painting, creating, writing down ideas, networking... There are never enough hours in a day for me. I always think of my customers when I create a piece. I want them to love what I do as much as I love doing it. Thinking of a clever name for my shop became a difficult task. No matter how hard I tried, any name I came up with would seem to lock me into one category and that's just not me... I like every style.

    So...welcome to my crazy, eclectic, hectic world, and thanks for stopping by.


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