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Anita's Home Decor Showcase for January

It's a long video, because I created a LOT of items that will be listed any day, and I go through each item with you, even telling a bit about how they were created. The second part of the video is very exciting! I'm expanding my business, and I talk about the perks I'm offering, ideas I'm working on, contests, and much more!

There are a few surprises I can't tell you you'll have to wait for the next video.

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Years ago, I did a makeover on a tall buffet lamp. Aquamarine, silver and black paint, aquamarine satin shade topped with a sparkly tiara. I'll bet one of your crowns would look amazing on a lampshade. A tattered Empress boudoir lamp!


Wow, you've been busy! Bet you could whip up some amazing bridal veils.

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