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Virgin Mary is 38" tall with crown, 34" with no crown 15" across and 8" deep base 13.5" by 13.5".  This is made from a lightweight resin composite mix. It was a smooth statue, which I painted and distressed in a white and a patina perfect for the appearance of being outdoors for a very long time. She is faux finished to look like old cracking plaster or concrete. To purchase a true concrete or plaster Mary statue at this size would be unbelievably high and very heavy. I started creating these for those who want a large Mary, but don't want the weight or the price.   I created the crown using ONLY vintage and antique rhinestone jewels, every part of it. It sits very tall and has a lot of sparkle. She is adorned in vintage pearls,  a large silver heart and large antique religious metal. Part of my signature on most of my statues are hearts, key and cross. She looks heavy, but fool your friends and pick her up, let them think your strong enough to carry a very large *NOTE: The spot on her head is chipped paint, I can cover it, once paid.
 I was inspired to give her a very distressed aged appearance due to my experience as an urban explorer. I have been able to see and photograph beautiful statues and art pieces on buildings, churches and old ornate structures. The statues have amazing coloration's from the elements and time. Beautiful statues rusted, oxidized and mossy from metal architectural pieces above them, slowly changing them over time. It's fascinating.
Enjoy! I can not duplicate any of my Mary statues or their crowns. Crowns are always ooak. 
Designed and created by Anita Spero

Virgin Mary statue with handmade crown, hand painted distressed

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