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Awesome reclaimed tools compartment cubby, Measures: 28" by 19" and 13" deep
I left the color and age as is. The cracky gray sides are splendid. I used old spindles on the front, to give it more detail and a framed appearance. The spindles and front are painted in white and I added a curtain rod to the top. The vintage lace curtain was sewn with a blue thread, for that romantic shabby charm we all love, and for that added feeling that it was done out of necessity . It's very sturdy and strong, good and deep, and pretty darn heavy. If you wish to put it on a wall, do have someone who is good at hanging cabinets. Easy too make a bracket and make sure you hang it where you can find the studs...easy stuff. 

Large deep old tools cubby, farmhouse cottage organizer with lace curtain

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