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SOLD Large mermaid or Siren statue sculpture with ornate embellishments

She may be a Siren, if that is what you preferer, this is a one of a kind home decor/ art piece
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Product Details

Large mermaid or siren sculpture measures: 24" (2 feet tall) by 13" wide and 18" deep . What a beaut" ! I found the info on this lady. She was probably a table in the 60' or 70's and from the Netherlands. Somehow she paddled her way here. There is an area on top of her head where part of the table top would sit. I painted and bunch of artificial plants in 2 dips to get a gold the was bright, but looks a bit aged. So now that part of the table rest looks like a bun. I soaked her for days giving her homemade rusting and oxidizing treatments to look like old metal. She is made of a combination of a terracotta composite. This makes her extremely sturdy. She is hollow, but still has a good amount of weight. I painted and distressed her, then embellished her with shells, starfish and rhinestone pieces. Great as a floor piece or set on surface as a showcase. I don't recommend putting her outside. But if you do make sue she has covering and add a protection of some kind every few years.

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