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SOLD Large carved wood flying cherub sculpture, Italian, Spanish or Italian antique rhinestone crown

It is a lightweight wood true cherub cupid. Hang from the ceiling or wall.
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Product Details

This flying cherub measures 23 x 12 x 10. It was painted in the attempt to look like plaster at some point. I repainted it to have a true look of cement or plaster, and aged it using a homemade patina.
I created this crown with a beautiful Eisenberg piece on the front. (I create all my crowns)

The rest is embellished with high quality rhinestone jewel pieces. It has an eye hook on the back which can be used for suspending from the ceiling if you wish.
This piece has a very authentic face. It does have wings which makes him a true cherub. It is hard to say where it was carved. It could even be 18th. century Spanish. But the old paint was too thick. It did appear to have glass eyelets at some point. The violin and bow have no breaks in them, which is impressive for its age.
It was already painted when I discovered it, but I could still tell it is a fairly old piece. It was carved out of a fairly light wood, but it still has a bit of weight to it.

I can not put this on reserve right now. This can not be created again

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