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SOLD Collectible rhinestone embellished Tussie Mussie flower cone

This is a special piece that I create as I can, heirloom collectible
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Product Details

One of a kind collectible Tussie Mussie measures 12" full length, the cone is 10" and it's about 4" wide
The base cone is made from very thick heavy grade cardboard, painted in gold. I embellished the cone with beautiful rhinestone pieces of all kinds. Mind you, I collect pieces for my cones over time. The rhinestones go from light to dark, some very old and there maybe a few stones missing, this one does not seem to have any missing stones. I layer the jewels to give it depth, color and more sparkle. I always create these to have a few tarnished pieces mixed with very sparkly pieces. The top is surrounded in very old tinsel that I tarnish, so It doesn't look like holiday tinsel, just very pretty. This one has pieces from so many periods, just what I wanted. Some of my customers collect these from me. They have 5 or 6 hanging from peg boards, headboards or in designs right on the wall. All rhinestones have to be from many periods of time, high quality and different colors of silver and hints of gold. The collection of gray silver antique seed beads and rhinestone bouquet is a prop. However if you want them added, the added cost will be 180.00

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