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Pink ornate picture frame measures: 37" by 22" inside rabbet fits 30" by 14.5".  This is vintage and made from a composite resin and popular in the 60's and 70's. The frame is very sturdy and well made. I painted it in very pretty blushy soft pink with a bit of a mauve tone. There are hints of white which bring out the pink and add a lot to the distressed finish. Even with the original gold showing through, I used some of my homemade gold which is brighter and gives it a really pretty finish. This frame would fit behind a bed or sofa. Great for large art or left empty with several other frames to create a statement wall. They can be used to frame out items like animal mounts, dolls, signs and more. This would be a beautiful addition to a nursery.
The frame is light weight so it can be moved around easily. It does not come with backing or glass. Most of the time due to age the backings are in poor shape, many times the glass is very thick and with out it you save a lot in shipping. You can easily have your frame finished at most framing stores or hobby stores with lightweight glass and other lightweight solutions. To see more of my creations and unique finds:

Pink distressed large picture frame with gold accent wall hanging

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