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Cherub sitting on pedestal holding a base to showcase candles, clocks, perfume bottles or what ever you wish. It measures: 18" by 11" by 8"
This cherub is a bit older. I believe it's made from a stone/ resin mix. It was smooth so I gave it a great plaster/ concrete faux finish. The crown is a recreation that I painted and aged. I embellished it with pieces that give it a lot of drama. At the base I added a handmade clay embellishment to give it more detail and to beef it up, and rhinestone trim, which I also mimicked around the platter. The piece is adorned in some of my signature pieces, keys, heart and vintage pearl necklaces. What a great piece for an entry or centerpiece. Show off tiny collectibles or create a wonderful candle holder. 

Pedestal cherub statue with crown, distressed

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