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large hand painted blue picture frame wall decor, 37" by 22" inside rabbet measures: 30" by 14.5" . This is a vintage frame made from a composite resin. I created this beautiful blue color. I wanted a blue that would fit well with other blues. I painted this in the blue with hints of white. The white brings out the color and adds to the distressed appearance. With some of the original gold showing through, I also used some of my homemade gold. It looks amazing empty as an accent piece with other small frames inside of it and around it. Use this with a group of frames as a statement wall. It's large enough to look goofd behind a bed or sofa.
Many times the backing for these are old and damaged. In the long run it's cheaper for the customer to purchase those items. You are not paying the added shipping for glass and there is no potential for the glass breaking (which adds a whole new headache for shop owner and customer) Plus the vintage glass in these can be really heavy. There are new products found in most framing stores that are thinner, both glass and plexy .

Large blue picture frame wall decor, distressed blue

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