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Rhinestone angel wings wall decor, handmade by Anita Spero

Handmade collectible all clear rhinestone covered wings by Anita Spero
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Product Details

Beautiful encrusted wings measure: 11" by 8" . These are thick with beautiful rhinestone jewel pieces.. I love creating these because they take a lot of time and care. It can take weeks or longer to get the right pieces to create depth and color variation. They are layered with top high quality vintage and antique pieces. Some pieces may be newer, but they have to be from companies with high reputations. Some are meant to sparkle more than others. Each piece is attached using strong adhesives, some not even on the market yet. No matter where they are in a room they will sparkle. This set has Juliana, Weiss and Eisenberg and newer pieces. These just make me feel happy every time I create a set. .."Your home is the first place you see when you wake, and the last place you see before closing your eyes, fill it with all things loved. It should be your favorite place to be".~~~ Anita Spero

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