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Normandy Tambour lace antique tablecloth runner handmade

Original handmade, recreated one of a kind.
In stock
Product Details

This is a beautiful piece from early 1900's. Overall length and width: 146" by 60" main lace body 76" added barely pink lace on 2 ends 35" . It's an antique lace bedspread originally. It fits a queen or full size bed, maybe even larger. It has a few slight tears which would be surprising if it didn't due to age and the delicate way these are created. However I have added a panel on each end with an ultra soft, barely barely pink lace, then edged it out in a very thin ruffled lace. This can be used on a large table, any sofa or daybed cover. You can create a canopy or faux canopy. Of course this would still be beautiful on a bed with extra flow of pink draping lace. It's a one of a kind and so soft a wispy. To wash it just use a bit of light detergent with water n a bucket. It will air dry so fast. To see more of my creations : search anita spero design

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