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Mermaid statue with rhinestone embellished tail and large crown with seahorse

Beautiful sparkling jewel mermaid sculpture
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Product Details

This amazing mermaid measures: 16" by 5" wide and 6.5",with the dangling rhinestone jewels adding several inches.

Every mermaid I create is unique, one of a kind and created using only carefully selected jewel pieces. This one took some time to put together, as the design for the tail had to be exactly what I wanted. It took time and much searching to find the perfect jewel pieces to go with the large vintage fish bone and seahorse piece. Some of the jewels are new high end, high quality and other pieces are, Eisenberg, Weiss, Juliana, some being from France and Poland. I create all of my own crowns, which are secure and bolted. The crown for this mermaid is decorated with very high quality trim and a gorgeous large rhinestone seahorse, very big and sparkly. Her hair, shell and tail are hand painted in my homemade gold and her body and face are painted using my homemade textured paint in a distressed white. The texture and patina give her the slight appearance of being in the sea salt water for a while. You can put her on any shelf, place her near natural light or lighting to really show all the beautiful sparkling rhinestone pieces. She is meant to be home decor/ art, so she will fit well in your home, no matter the style or colors.
I really enjoy the process of creating these. Coming up with each tail design is very special and not easy. They each have their own unique look and rare jewels. Due to the slight twist in her tail, it takes a bit of time to fit the design. You will have a design that nobody else will ever have, an heirloom beauty that will stand the test of time. My adhesive never yellows or comes loose. To see more of my creations and unique finds:
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