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Large stone Nordic Wolf statue with crown, Norse symbolism

This could also be a storybook style Fox.
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Product Details

Large wolf/ fox has such an aged appearance and is a very well made piece. It measures 28.5" tall and it's 10" by 10". The handmade crown measures 3.5" by 3.5". I painted this beautiful wolf in colors close to the beautiful stone found near the river by me. I used my own homemade gold mix to enhance and add more beauty to the statue. This piece could easily pass as a very old statue maybe from an old building or guarding a front entry. It has gorgeous pitting and seems perfectly placed. The best is the pitting around the right eye. This gives the wolf a storybook look, as if he is a wise old animal that has been through many situations that could lead to scaring on the face. All the colors of this piece range from white, several tones of gray and brown, to a deep charcoal with areas of gold. Around the neck is a somewhat masculine clear rhinestone chain with the Norse/ Nordic symbol that means 'protection', which is engraved on the back. If you wish to put it outside I would advise spraying it with a heavy protective sealant and I would not leave the handmade crown outside. I create all my crowns and this one is not an exception. After making the band I painted it in my gold mix. All the clear rhinestone jewel pieces are vintage/ antique and new high quality pieces. This piece would fit any style of home. It's tall enough to be placed on the floor, but shaped in a way that would allow for it to be put on a surface. To see more of my pieces and my dot com.

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